Simon J. Rabas, MSW, LCSW

Simon received his Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in December of 2016. Simon has worked as a Crisis Stabilization worker in Milwaukee County from 2012 to 2014 and when he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work he became aWraparound Care Coordinator, providing comprehensive community services for juvenile offenders with mental health diagnoses. Most recently he served juveniles incarcerated in Lincoln Hills School for Boys and Copper Lake School for Girls. He supported youth while theywere incarcerated and assisted them with a smooth transition back into the Milwaukee community. He encouraged community support and family involvement. Simon is has become an Advanced Practice Social Work and he works to become a Licensed Clinical SocialWorker.

Simon has been successful in engaging with youth and adults in a ultitude of populations. Most often, impoverished families in the Milwaukee community. Simon is a strong advocate for mental health awareness and wishes to continue this in his transition to Door County.
Simon brings skills of crisis intervention, motivational interviewing, trauma informed care, and much more.

Simon uses his personality, while maintaining professionalism to effectively engage with client’s and to help them feel comfortable in a
therapeutic setting. Simon recognizes that everyone comes from a different place and that there are many things in life that have effected individuals and have assisted in creating who they are today. Simon wishes to assist individuals in becoming the best self that they can be.

Simon is moving to Door County after spending about 7 years in Milwaukee, receiving his education and developing his professional career. He spent most of his life in Sturgeon Bay, attending St. Joseph’s Middle School and Sturgeon Bay High School. Simon is excited to move back to Door County and offer everything he can to the community. Simon enjoys playing baseball, time outside with his dog Lloyd, and sailing. Simon believes that with the right support and guidance, people can thrive and life a fulfilled life.

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